Why do you Craft?

Why do you craft?

Have you being asked this question and you are wondering what to answer?

Perhaps you started crafting due to ill heath, boredom, nursing someone who is ill, unemployment and many more but now you are crafting because it is business to you or some other reason.

Here are a few reasons why people craft (You can add yours to the list);

  • To become creative.
  • For money.
  • I have a crafting company.
  • It’s their way of life or culture.
  • Can’t find what I want, so I make the items\ product myself.
  • It is cheaper to make the particular item than to buy it.
  • To customize a gift.
  • To make use of time whilst taking care of the sick.
  • Not employed so I craft to make myself useful.
  • To raise fund for charitable purpose.
  • I just like to craft.
  • It’s my talent, can’t let it waste.
  • Want to learn something new.
  • For relaxation.

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