Featured product: Bias-tape maker machine

bias maker machine image 1

Our featured product is the Bias maker machine by Simplicity.

This bias maker machine, enables one to make a single fold bias in any length as desired but the width depends on the size of the bias maker tip being used.

This bias maker has different fabric setting like an Electric-Iron; it also irons the fabric/bias as it makes the bias( this is done automatically after the fabric have been inserted into the tip and the “RUN ” button has been set.

There is also the “deluxe bias maker ” which has a piping ability.

We will feature the “bias sewing machine foot” which aids in sewing bias and aligning the bias when it is being sewn to the edge of an fabric piece.

bias maker machine image 1

bias maker machine image 2







bias maker machine image 3 bias maker machine image 4

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