Calling all Fabric Designers! New Towel Design Contest!

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New Towel Design Contest!

Towel Day 2015 is finally upon us. Across the globe holiday makers, athletes, surfers and sun-bathers alike are dusting off their beach towels and stripping down to catch their annual supply of Vitamin D. Alas, most of their towels are moth-eaten, hole-ridden, smelly old things with a picture of their favourite boyband from when they were 15 on the front.

That’s why we’re running this fantastic competition to get some brilliant towels out there, drying off foreheads and bringing comfort to even the most twig-strewn grassy knolls.So get cracking on your best summery design and make one more great towel for the world to enjoy! For full details click here.

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Towel Designers of this world, we salute you!

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