Crafters TV: Releasing and Maximizing Our Creative Potentials, Patchwork Block for Flower Human Girl Week-5

Here is our patchwork block for this week from Crafters TV.

This block is made from equilateral triangles.

You can hand-knit, crochet, machine-knit, quilt, or cut them out of sugar paste or cardstock and use them for a craft of your choosing. You can use them in home decorating.

You can also change the colours to suit you especially if you have little or leftover pieces of yarns, cardstock, colour of your choice and more.

The block can be made larger or smaller or combined with other blocks( which we will post in the future).

Let’s release and maximize our creative potentials as well as our craft stocks.

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This is just a different visual of the same pattern using a variety of colours for ease of understanding.

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