Digital Art: Entry period Tues, June 1 – Wed, June 30, 10:00 JST / 01:00 UTC, Clip Studio Tutorial ‘layers’ its tutorial themes for June 2021

Clip Studio Paint releases its tutorial themes for June 2021 and the entry period is Tues, June 1 ~ Wed, June 30, 10:00 JST / 01:00 UTC

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Entry period: Tues, June 1 ~ Wed, June 30, 10:00 JST / 01:00 UTC

Now accepting tutorials for TIPS of the Month

Post your tutorial on our theme of the month and share your art knowledge with creators all over the world!
Each month, we’ll select the best tutorials on Clip Studio TIPS with new content across a range of genres for a total of up to US$10,000 in prizes!

This month’s themes are…

Theme 1

How to Draw Fantastic Creatures of the Dark#FantasticCreatures

We want to see how you depict legendary creatures and dark monsters handed down through the centuries, including demons, ghosts, ghouls, and goblins.
Note: You may not submit fanart or any artwork that may be upsetting to others on Clip Studio Tips. For more information, please refer to the

Theme 2

Drawing Backgrounds using 3D Materials#BGwith3D

Please show us how you draw backgrounds for comics or concept art using 3D materials in Clip Studio Paint. Share your tips on how to extract lines from 3D materials using the LT layer conversion function and use simple 3D shapes as drawing references before you add any details.

Theme 3

Interesting uses for Dual Brushes#UsingDualBrushes

Let’s see your ideas and methods for creating useful and unique brushes with Clip Studio Paint’s new Dual Brush feature. Show us what you can do using brushes you have made with this feature!


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