Magazine- Gaming: Celebrating the legendary R-Type series, Retro Gamer Issue 220 ‘increases the application frame rate’ on its way to newsstands

Issue 220 of the Retro Gamer magazine is out.

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Here’s a sneak peek at our latest issue

Issue 220 celebrates the legendary R-Type series. Kazuma Kujo looks back at past games in the franchise and explains what Granzella has planned for R-Type Final 2. We also discover the history of the Amstrad mascot Roland, chart the evolution of the Impossible Mission series, and question David Thiel about his interesting career in videogames and pinball.

We’ve a selection of great Making Of articles this month, too. Chris Crawford tells us about Balance Of Power, we learn how Monster World IV was created and what’s planned for the new remake, and find out how Raven Software crafted its incredible action RPG, X-Men Legends.

We’ve more retro goodness in the form of Ultimate Guides for Nintendo’s Donkey Kong Jr and Capcom’s Power Stone and we also look at the history of Eidos and how it was formed from the embers of Domark.

We’ve a great selection of smaller articles as well, covering such diverse subjects as Star Fox, the CD32 Controller, Ninja Gaiden Black, Lock ‘N’ Chase, Celeste, the latest Evercade cartridges and much, much more.

Thanks for all your continued support. Stay safe and we’ll see you all next month.

Darran Jones
Editor, Retro Gamer

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