Craft Product/ Crafting TV: Not tired of coming out in different colourways and limited edition, the Pro Cut die-cutting and embossing machine is launching in Black and white colour with monochrome patchwork pattern on Create and Craft TV at 7: 30 pm BST, 31st May 2021

Do you remember the Kit ‘N’ Caboodle Pro-Cut Die Cutting Machine? It is back in black and white colour and will be launching on Create and Craft TV at 7:30 Pm BST, 31st May 2021.

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Pro Cut Die Cutting Machine Back in Black!  

Tune in to Create and Craft TV.

Monday 31st May 2021 for the launch of the limited edition black Kit ‘N’ Caboodle Pro Cut machine 7:30pm BST.

What’s New

About Our A4 die Cutting Machine

Our machine is packed with exciting new features that will make die cutiing so much simpler! By cutting into a thicker plate provided, it means your other plate will not wrap-saving the cost of replacing regularly.

The carry handle makes it easier to transport the machine and the two-plate combination is lighter to use!

  1. Our machine is finished in a new limited edition black and white colour combination -decorated with distinct monochrome patterns. It will look great on your crafting table!
  2. The plate bed is slightly larger than A4, so it will take your largest dies and embossing folders! Or why not make the most of it and cut lots of smaller dies in one go.
  3. The reverse button means even in limited space you can craft, simply run halfway through, hit reverse, and your dies will come back to you!

Pro Cut A4 Die Cutting Machine.

Launching at £139.99, Usual price £149.99

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*Fire TV



Virgin 748

Freeview 95

Sky 683

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