Magazine- Millinery: Filled with fascinating headwears and inspiring millinery topics, HATalk Magazine March 2021

March 2021 issue of the HATalk magazine is out.

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The March Issue of HATalk just went live!
This month’s e-magazine includes…
Copper Signatures – An inspirational interview with Deidre Hardin about her creative journey. 
Protecting Luton’s Hat Industry  Hat historian Veronica Main MBE shares an update from Luton. 
Hat of the Month – A bright sinamay and crinoline racing hat by Anne Belyaeva of Fox Millinery. 
Crinoline Veil Tutorial – Elena Shvab shows you how to make a wired crinoline veil and attach it to a hat.

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  1. This piece really resonated with me. The analysis was spot-on. Looking forward to discussing this with you all. Check out my profile for more interesting cont

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