Crafters TV’s Logo, what do you see?

What is the Crafters TV logo?

As Crafters TV gains momentum and starts to STRATOSPHERE, we take a look at the Crafters TV’s logo.

There have been lots of questions about how we came about the Crafters TV’s logo and its meaning. Well, other’s have guessed how the logo came about and it is interesting to hear their view about the Crafters TV’s logo.

Well, Crafters TV’s logo has a different meaning.

*The artist sees the Crafters TV’s logo as an abstract design.

*From the hairstylist view, if the Crafters TV’s logo is turned or rotated to the left anti-clockwise, it is a flicked hairstyle.

*The landscaper views the Crafters TV’s logo as a topography like vector landscapes or canyons or caves.

The surfer sees the Crafters TV’s logo as a wave for surfing.

The papercrafter sees the Crafters TV’s logo as a papercut for a scenic design on the landscape.

*The textile designer sees the Crafters TV’s logo as a nice design or motif for a seamless or non- seamless repeat pattern.

A sugarcrafter says the Crafters TV’s logo will make a nice topper for a cake. I love the flicked edges.

What do you see when you take a look at Crafters TV’s logo?

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