Crafters TV: Albert A. Akanbi is on Crafters TV Interview’s ‘Hot Seat’

The interview with Albert Afeso Akanbi is now on Crafters TV.

Video description

In this video, Albert A. Akanbi is being interviewed by Crafters TV about his creative / crafting journey in the creative community.

He also talked about how he visited a community and interviewed some people accused of witchcraft.

Albert showcases some of the books he authors as well as telling us some of his contribution and film documentary in the creative community.

*If you desire to take part in Crafters TV’s interview celebrating creatives in this creative community, you can. You can take part in a video interview or send us your written answers to the interview questions.

The interview questions are on Crafters Tv as well as on this previous post on the blog(see the link below).

Question link 1:

Question link 2:

However, you can upload your video on your Youtube channel and send us the link, we can still share your videos using the Youtube share link(the views will come to you).

Please, send your videos to Crafters TV’s Facebook page link below.

NOTE: We are not asking you for any payment.

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