Farewell Eco Canvas, Hello Recycled Canvas!– Spoonflower

Spoonflower discontinues its Eco Canvas as it welcomes a new fabric called “Recycled Canvas”.

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Farewell Eco Canvas, Hello Recycled Canvas!

As a member of our artist community, we wanted to let you know that Eco Canvas has officially retired from our product line up. After years of searching the world over, we’ve identified a new manufacturer for this fabric, now called Recycled Canvas.
Going forward, you may see commissions on purchases of Recycled Canvas. For artists who have created manufactured designs specifically for use on our previous Eco substrate, we encourage you to update any descriptors you may have to reflect this change. The printable width—54″—has not changed, so your play mats and laundry bag templates will print just the same on Recycled Canvas as they did on Eco.
Fun fact: Each yard or meter of Recycled Canvas is made from 10 recycled bottles!

We’re thrilled to form this new manufacturing partnership, and to introduce a quality fabric that meets our standards while providing the same features that many of our customers have come to know and love in our Eco Canvas.
Warmly,Your friends at Spoonflower

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