Machine- Knitting: Progress on 12 Crafts of Machine Knitting, The Technique of Stockinet- Episode 1, Part 2 for Crafters TV

Today, we are showing you a picture of our progress on the practical part of the technique of stockinet on episode 1, part 2 of the 12 Crafts of Machine Knitting Series for Crafters TV.

The designing tutorial video is available on Anino TV YouTube.

If you take a closer look at the picture, you will notice that we mhave made the button hole slots and we are already casting off from the left side.

We need to sew the inner jacket( because we made two jackets- one for outer part and the other as a lining) and the outer jacket together and then secure the buttonholes.

The buttonholes are not the mock-rib-like button hole we normally do.

Until then, happy machine knitting!

Here is the link to the designing part on Anino TV YouTube. A link is also available on Crafters TV –

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