Crafters TV’s Craft Games: 30 Days of Word Search Puzzle – Day 9: Cloud species


As promised, #CraftersTV will be posting a new game every week for you to play. The answers to the game will be posted the following week.

Today, we will be searching for the different cloud species.

You can search for previous word search puzzles in the word search puzzle printable category or using the term word search, puzzle or wordsearch.

The Wordsearch puzzle is available as a Jpeg and in PDF format.

Wordsearch Puzzle PDF: 

To save in Jpeg\ picture format, right-click on the Wordsearch puzzle image and then click on save image.

Save in a folder of your choice.

Words included in this word search puzzle;

● Calvus
● Castellanus
● Capillatus
● Congestus
● Fibratus
● Floccus
● Fractus
● Humilis

● Lenticularis
● Mediocris
● Nebulosus
● Spissatus
● Stratiformis
● Uncinus
● Volutus

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