Will be in store 18th October 2020, In readiness for the Winter Season, A Compact Food Dehydrator on  Kitchen Aldi Specialbuys as it goes on pre-order 

A compact food dehydrator is coming to the kitchen section on Aldi Specialbuys on Sunday 18th October 2020. It is available to pre-order on Aldi’s website.

About the product.

A must-have kitchen appliance, this powerful Ambiano Food Dehydrator 10L is ideal for drying fruits, vegetables, meat and other foods to produce delicious snacks with healthier ingredients.

With 5 interchangeable drying trays, variable temperature control of approx. 35-70°C and 4 height adjustments to dry different-size foods, this handy dehydrator is sure to become a go-to kitchen essential when it comes to preparing yummy snacks and treats.

Link: https://www.aldi.co.uk/c/specialbuys/dates/2020-10-18

Link 2: https://www.aldi.co.uk/ambiano-food-dehydrator-10l/p/705803419936500

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