Inspiring with a collection of free patterns to make blue hats, LionBrand Yarns leads with its campaign  ‘Stand Up To Bullying With #HATNOTHATE’ 

LionBrand Yarns’ campaign  “Stand Up To Bullying With #HATNOTHATE” has started and there are a lot of inspiring free pattern collection to make blue hats.

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Stand Up To Bullying With #HATNOTHATE

Hat Not Hate is an anti-bullying campaign. We ask knitters and crocheters to make handmade blue hats and donate them to our cause.

In October, National Bullying Prevention Month, we distribute the hats to schools across the country for students to wear, empowering them to stand up to bullying.

Stitch In Blue During October

Why Blue? The color blue represents awareness, peace, and solidarity. Blue is the color to wear in support of anti-bullying.

Make Blue Hats!

Whether you’re stitching to wear your blue hat or make a donation, we have a collection of free patterns to get you going.


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