Theme- August 2020- The Focus and The Distraction

Our theme for this month of August is “the focus and the distraction”.

What is your focus? What are you focusing on and what is your distraction?

Some things that you may be focusing on maybe irrelevant and become distractions.

A lot of things are distracting us from focusing on our goals.

Sometimes you think that some things are important and other times you procrastinate and then get distracted along the way.

When the zeal is not there, try to do a little at a time on that goal to keep you focus so that no matter the distractions, you are still contributing daily to achieving your goals and when you take a look at how far you have come or contributed, you will be surprised.

I will give you an example; I wanted to write Crafters Dictionary as a published book but then I started posting some featured products when we celebrate a certain craft in a month. I know that it will take me forever to complete Crafters Dictionary because it is not focused on a certain craft but it is focused on all crafts in the creative community. I decided to write it online but got distracted with a little procrastination here and there.

One day, I told myself, if I can write a post or two a day on Crafters Dictionary, at least I will be contributing daily to the goal. So, I started a post on it. To motivate me more, I started posting it on the blog too and when I take a look at the number of posts that I have done on Crafters Dictionary daily, I am amazed.

The Crafters Dictionary’s daily post is keeping my focus despite having a little distraction sometimes.


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