Kit ‘N’ Caboodle Pro-Cut Reviews: Not a fairy tale ending! Crafters’ excitement turn into horror stories after receiving the Kit ‘N’ Caboodle Pro-Cut electronic die-cutting & embossing machine as they test the machine (Kit ‘N’ Caboodle reviews are out)

The reviews on the Kit ‘N’ Caboodle Pro-Cut die-cutting and embossing machine are pouring in and they are filled with complaints about the product.

The crafters who have received their machine are not happy as some of them stated that the advertisement of the machine does not meet the reality they experienced (see the screenshot of the reviews below).

From the screenshots

Hooray I can die cut again!
1 September 2020
I was so excited when my machine was delivered. My trusty old machine is now in retirement after many years of cranking the handle.
It is so easy to load the plates and watch them go sailing through the machine. Everything I have tried has cut beautifully. Love it.
My machine arrived very quickly, very impressed Create and Craft.
Oh dear
8 September 2020
I am in the process of moving so when cutter arrived I had decided that I would leave it in the box until I moved,until I looked at the reviews last night! I decided that I had better try it now. Oh heck, whats gone wrong, it sound like its dying! It really seemed to be struggling, almost like a battery losing power. I tried a new tattered lace die, received yesterday and a new thirsty brush die, both on 250gsm card, it reluctantly took sluggishly about halfway then reversed out , I checked the plates were in the right order, made sure they were lined up properly, all correct. I noticed the magnetic sheet was slighty longer than the plates, this of course maybe intentional, all three lights were on at the same time and didn’t go out which I found strange, again may be intended but its an odd thing to do. I have requesed customer services to arrange for it to be collected, very heavy, but I am (hopefully) going to get a replacement because I think that’s fair, with luck the next one will be fine, fingers crossed.
So, so disappointed in this machine. We were told by the demonstrators that it was quiet and cut beautifully, sadly this is not so.
8 September 2020
Everything I have tried to cut has gone through a couple of inches before the machine goes into reverse and it comes back out. It does cut after a few attempts and I have checked the plate combination. Such a waste of a lot of money. Sadly my husband cleared away the box so am unable to return it.
8 September 2020
I bought this as my last two cut and boss both exploded even using the exact plates but I taped up my last one and still used it but I liked the look of this one but it is useless and perhaps only works with
tattered lace dies I can not get any other dies to go through also plates DO buckle and it is also very loud I will only keep it as a spare only because I am disabled and it would be a hassle for me to return
it I certainly would not recommend it I also had bought a snap machine which I loved but it stopped working also.
6 September 2020
my granddaughter used it and cut with the 3mil plate on top now its so buckled it cant be used its very noisy and doesnt cut at all


I an very disappointed with this machine, in my opinion it’s not fit for purpose.
5 September 2020
I was really looking forward to using this but what a let-down. It refused to accept A4 3D embossing folders and half way through cutting Sizzix thinlits dies, it stopped and went into reverse. It is VERY noisy and sounds as though the motor is struggling to pass the plates through. I shall be returning it for a refund and go back to my trusty old, and much quieter, E-Bosser.
Not as good as they say
3 September 2020
Was quite and did what it should but after a couple of times the machine stopped working nothing would work so sent it back not very happy


Looks good but immediate problems
2 September 2020
I was really looking forward to this machine so I eagerly unboxed it, plugged it in and went to cut my first die.
The first thing I noticed was the sound, it was very loud, not quiet as advertised, as the small die progressed through the machine, the machine slowed down drastically, so it nearly stopped (was only a small sentiment die with 200gsm card). Tried embossing and followed the plate set up, the first time worked beautifully but the second time (with the same folder and card) was spit back out?
Went back to die cutting, tried a basic square nesting die, it got half way through and the machine reversed it out, yet the second time it went through!
Shouted my husband over to have a look & the first thing he said was that the machine was very noisy.
We tried another simple die with 200 gsm cardstock and half way through cutting the machine stopped, the lights went out and my die was stuck in the middle of the machine, the machine wouldn’t turn on again. My husband eventually got the die and card out but the machine wouldn’t turn back on so I have returned it.
It may be the fact that my machine was just a faulty one but I asked for a refund not a replacement as I don’t think I would trust the machine now.
It is a real shame as the machine looks lovely and I was soooo looking forward to getting it but I just feel let down now.


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  1. I’m sure they’ll either delete the negative reviews or change the item number and start over again – wouldn’t be the first time for either tactic.

  2. It appears that in desperation Stephenie Weightman Creative Director at Create and Craft. Is using her influence bt trawling through Create and Craft Brand appreciation groups and personally asking anyone who says anything positive about this machine, to leave a review and posting the link to the pro cut review section, I question the ethics !!

    • There is also a lady who says she cannot get out the house to return it. C&C should making arrangements to have the faulty machine collected from her.

      As the reviews have to go through C&C staff before they appear on the website, I would like to think that these facts have been picked up on and the ladies contacted to make these arrangements, however, I have a feeling that they won’t have.

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