Digital Craft- Software: Listing updates for its video editing software, Movavi Video Suite 2021 is coming soon

Movavi Video Suite 2021 will soon be out!

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The Movavi Video Suite Upgrade is Almost Here

We’re happy to announce Video Suite 2021 – the latest and greatest version of Movavi’s top-selling software. With this upgrade, the program has become a full-fledged multimedia platform that provides users with solutions to all their creative needs in one place and enables them to become an integral part of our ever-growing community.

Convenience and a user-friendly experience are the key features of Video Suite 2021. You’ll be able to wirelessly transfer files to and from your mobile devices using the companion app, get direct access to all your purchases and personal preferences in your Movavi Account, use the Media Library to keep track of all the files you’ve worked on, and much more!

What Do I Get in Movavi Video Suite 2021?

Mobile Companion

No more cables – wirelessly transfer files from your phone or tablet to the program’s media library.

Preference-Based Adaptation

The program layout and content adapt to your personal preferences. All the adjustments are saved to your account, so you can work in your own personalized environment even if you have to re-install the program.

Media Library

All the media files you use in your projects can be now found via the Media Library tab.

Video Suite Community

Join our community media space for creators: share content, discuss topics, and make friends.

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