Crafters TV: Celebrating Crafters and yearning to get Crafting Tales or Crafting Journeys Out, Crafters TV makes a pre-recorded video interview call as it reveals the questions to be answered

Crafters TV is calling for crafters, small businesses, designers and creatives who want to showcase their artwork while telling their crafting journeys or stories in a pre-recorded video.

A pre-recorded video of you answering the questions below should be sent to Crafters TV Facebook Page.

Crafters TV is an entertainment channel where crafting stories are told. We celebrate the lives of crafters, designers, small businesses, creatives and many more.

As creatives, we want to hear your story as we celebrate you and share your artwork with others in the creative community and those not in the community. We know that you can tell us more about yourself instead of we guessing.

*Please note that Crafters TV is not asking you for money to share your videos. You can also share your videos on your page(s). 

Thank You.

Here is the link to;

Crafters TV Facebook Page:

Crafters TV website:

Crafters TV YouTube page:

Crafters TV Instagram page:

Crafters TV Twitter Page:

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