Coming Soon! Craft Me A Budget, Project 2- Crochet Hair Scrunchie

Here is what we will be making in project 2 of our Craft-Me -A- Budget, a crochet hair scrunchie.

These projects will need 1 x 100gms double knit(DK), 100% acrylic of knitting yarn.

4 x 100gms of knitting yarn (100% acrylic, double knit) in Aldi costs £3.99


Materials Needed

A sewing machine( you can sew with hand if you prefer).

Elastic- 12mm( 1/2 inch) in width by 12 inches in length

1 x 100g of double knit yarn will produce four(4) to five(5) hair scrunchie.

Crochet hook 3mm or 4.5mm.


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