Types of Crafters During Covid-19: Number 6- The Tidying Crafters

These set of crafters are using the opportunity of this lockdown to sort, clean and clear their craft rooms.

These set of crafters have the tidying muse visiting and apart from cleaning they have been painting and renovating their craft rooms and other places in their house. The gardens have not been left out in this cleaning time.

Things not used have been packed and ready to ship to charity or placed for sale online.

The homes of these crafters now reflect the dictionary word “tidy”.

These crafters have used the lockdown to their advantage.

The craft rooms and homes of these crafters are neat and hospitable.

The air in their craft rooms is now fresh.

No fear-mongering of things falling or untidiness when entering the craft rooms of these crafters because everything is in its place of storage.

The craft rooms of these crafters are a thing to admire and wish for because the “mess fairy” has deserted them due to the tidying muses dwelling with these crafters.

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