New Month: Ensuring That No Amount of Distraction Will Change Our Focus of Bringing Our ‘Castle in the Air’ Into Reality, We Welcome You to the Month of August 2020

Wow! Double wow! It’s a new month already and it’s the eight-month of the year. Yipeee!

Our theme for this month is ‘The Focus and the Distraction‘ (we will expatiate on this in a later post).

I am not going to say much this month( trying so hard to hold myself not to reveal a lot but to surprise you), just enjoy and get inspired as we unfold different and new sectors of the creative community.

We will be introducing the tag of  ‘12 Crafts of Fabric Designing‘ … Yes! Dancing…

If you have noticed, we have added some new post features on the blog like Toy time, Home entertainment

The daily feature of the Crafters Dictionary will continue.

Craft me a-Toon, Craft-me-a-Game, Reminisce of a Crafter, Series 3 of 12 Crafts of Cardmaking will continue.

We are working on episode 2 of Craft-me-a-Budget.

The video book- The versatility of a digital image in various crafts will continue-( parchment craft, digital…)

We pray \ hope that this month is great for you.

Have a pleasant month. Don’t forget to take great care of yourself.

Once again, welcome to the month of August in the year 2020.

Happy designing and crafting!


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