Craft TV: Comic for the crafter, Craft-Me-A-Toon will now be available on Crafters TV – Crafters TV

Anino’s Craft-Me-A-Toon series will start appearing on Crafters TV.

Some animation made by children who love coding and crafting will also be available on crafters TV.

As we said, it is for crafters by crafters.

Note, that it is not a shopping channel but a tv channel for the crafter to relax and enjoy crafting stories.

Yes! Crafters TV.

The Toons ‘ll appear alongside the interviews and the talkshow that the channel is working on.

While the interviews will soon be uploaded, you can browse through the comics for fun.

We have been featuring some Craft-Me-A-Toon on the blog but now it is moving into tv channel, Crafters TV and Crafters Empire.

A feature will still be on the blog.

We are so…oooooooooo………….. excited.

The first episode of the talkshow is ready and set to launch.

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