As different comments on the Pro-cut die-cutting and embossing machine by Kit ‘N’ Caboodle and similar machines ‘surfaces’ in the cardmaking community, Stephanie Weightman issues a statement

Here is a post on Facebook by Stephanie Weightman in regards to the Kit’N’ Caboodle Pro-Cut die-cutting and embossing machine.

From the screenshot

For anybody concerned about recent comment regarding this machine.
Our team contribution to the machine has resulted in the manufacturer redeveloping from a concept over 3 years ago the machine that we are proud to sell today. If this machine was not fit for purpose and of poor quality we would not be prepared to give you the 12 month guarantee that exists.
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You can clearly see from the way the machine has been demonstrated that the heavy duty motor and gears work hard to tackle everything from easy to more challenging material and that the plates, particularly the 5mm base plate, are incredibly durable, hard wearing and going to reward you with reliable precision. I would not have been able to achieve the live demonstration results that I have shown today if this machine were not fit for purpose.
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It is priced to be affordable, but with the benefit and features already described.
Now, let’s get back to the fun of crafting and I’ll see you for a Facebook Live with the machine next week!
Stephanie xx

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