While Tim Holtz is enjoying ‘Pass the Brush’ event, Lara of Ink Road Stamp goes on ‘Apology Spree’ to Tim Holtz and his team after her viral video accusing him

After her viral video of accusing Tim Holtz and his team \ group, Lara of Ink Road Stamp has issued an apology to them.

You can see the video here from Lara, Ink Road stamp (The Pretty Basic):


You can see the previous post here with tim Holtz reply: http://craftersengagement.com/2020/07/the-accusations-about-the-facebook-group-removing-a-card-relating-to-blm-or-silencing-black-artists-is-also-false-tim-holtz-replies-after-a-youtube-open-letter-to-him-trends-in-the-crafting-commun/

From the screenshot

This is a public apology to Tim, Mario, and Zoe.

I received emails from an unknown source and did not confirm their authenticity.

they were not sent by Tim Holtz, Mario Rossi or his group.

I sincerely regret the division I caused in the craft community by doing this.

Signed, Lara Smith

Apology video link: https://youtu.be/Cz4p0Exri6M

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