Taking place May 16th- May 19th, 2021, Wholesale show—in Atlanta, GA, STITCHES Pro, Exhibitor Application & Contract now available

Exhibitor applications and contract for STITCHES PRO, wholesale show—in Atlanta, Georgia, May 16th- May 19th, 2021 is now available.

Read the press release.

Hello Friends!

I’m so pleased to present our first STITCHES Pro Exhibitor Application & Contract.

Forty-five days ago, we announced the launch of STITCHES Pro—a wholesale show—in Atlanta, GA, in May of 2021. We’ve scheduled it back-to-back with STITCHES United 2021 for the convenience of exhibitors who want to participate in both shows. Travel costs and shipping can be prorated between the two events. Wholesale vendors can stay and support their STITCHES United Vendors. And buyers can come for the wholesale show and stay to exhibit at the consumer event.
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We have received support and positive feedback from wholesalers, retailers, designers, and other industry professionals. Having dialog with so many helps us shape this event. Thanks to all.

It is not our intention to replace the TNNA association, but to give yarn companies and suppliers a wholesale venue where Local Yarn Shops can learn, be inspired, and buy.

STITCHES Pro will feature exciting new opportunities like PERKS4PROs – a new way to highlight your products! We will also offer a complete educational track for LYSs and other qualified industry professionals. Details about STITCHES Pro education will follow in upcoming months. Closer to the event, registered STITCHES Pro exhibitors will receive an exhibitor packet. It will contain planning information and instructions for submitting Runway Show garments, show book ads, and other details.
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The STITCHES Pro Exhibitor Application & Contract PDF as well as a schedule for both STITCHES United and STITCHES Pro 2021 can be found below here. Please note the dates on the STITCHES Pro Application form. Sign up early and save!

If you have questions, please feel free to email me directly at blevisay@xrx-inc.com. If you’d like to apply, please email Nathania Apple at exhibits@xrx-inc.com.

We look forward to this exciting new challenge—and working together with you!

All my best.
Benjamin Levisay
CEO, XRX, Inc.
STITCHES Events, XRX Books, & stitchips

PS. Here is a link to the original announcement about our new wholesale show.

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