After Crafters Rolled Out ‘Unstoppable Questions’ to Zuri Designs About the Use of Resin And Its Mould, Zuri Designs Decides to Give Answers

Zuri Designs has posted on its Facebook page, answers about the use of resin with its mould.

From the screenshot.

We would like to answer questions about the use of resin with Zuri molds. Please feel free to share in other groups where the same question was asked.
Our molds were not designed for use with resin only. They work with non-edible mediums such as: all types of clay, modelling paste, craft concrete, plaster, hot glue, as well as with edible mediums such as chocolate, fondant, jello, dough (Springerle recipes in particular) and even with liquids that you freeze to make mold-shaped ice.
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In order to accommodate such an impressive variety of mediums, we have used a silicone type that complies with the highest industry standards. While our molds may be matte on the inside, we have achieved a versatility and quality that very few mold-making companies can claim for their products. Most mold manufacturers make molds that can only be used with resin, as they are too floppy and unstable to take other mediums, or are made of a poor quality silicone that is hazardous if used with edible mediums.
Zuri Designs molds will work with all types of resin. The quality and type of resin will influence the end result of the casting.
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Clear resins are generally epoxy resins that are thicker and tend to accumulate more bubbles. They also cure a lot slower. Polyurethane resins are thinner, therefore a lot more fluid; some of them can cure in as little as a few minutes and tend to have less bubbles.
Not everybody wants a crystal clear look on their castings, but if you do, there are ways to make it happen. To obtain a clear look on your resin casting, you can either recoat with another layer of clear resin, or you can coat with a layer of resin gloss sealer spray.

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