“Garden Party” design by Jaguarwoman Designs Launches

Jaguarwoman Designs has released its “Garden Party” design.

Read the press release.

It’s been a while. But I’ve been seething with many ambitions. Lots of landscape reno projects, lots of crawling around in the dirt doing gardening and mundane yardwork . . . the normal healthcare duties of the moment . . . the pleasures of digital painting and beading . . . napping and reading on my covered deck with the sound and smell of rain all around me. There has been a whole lotta baking and eating and trying to exercise it off with my rowing machine. Productivity is always my friend. And welcome to a new newsletter. Not my choice, this change was forced upon me, but I think I can live with it for now.
Firstly . . . Although impeded for a week in newsletter capability (by no fault of my own of course), I published a new product last week, “Garden Party”. Given the delay in my newsletter, I’ve added another week of my standard “introductory 20% off” for new products so that nobody loses their discount due to newsletter mishaps. Secondly, I have 2 new sets of beaded earrings to share, “Datenight in Durango” and “Lunadora“. Luckily, there is a nice backlog of new beaded products in the delivery pipeline. Also, a lot of great Spring/Summer products from the past on sale in the present (scroll down for that). I’ve added another week to those closing dates as well.
I’m in a seriously ambitious and productive mood. It’s almost as though I’ve caught a second breath for the year. Now I’m cookin’!

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