Digital Craft: Entry period, June 1-30, 01:00 UTC/GMT (10:00 Japan time), Clip Studio Paint June 2020 Tutorial Themes In Expressive Terms

Clip Studio Paint has announced the tutorial themes for June 2020.

Read the press release.

This month’s themes

Entry period, June 1-30, 01:00 UTC/GMT (10:00 Japan time)

Theme 1

Hand gestures#HandGestures

In comics, manga, and illustrations, the hands play an important role in telling the story and guiding the viewer’s gaze. Explain your techniques for drawing hand and creating expressive poses!

Theme 2

Creating and using textured brushes#TexturedBrushes

Teach us to create brushes with textures that imitate the finish of traditional art, such as flat, round, or spatula brushes, long with advice on using them for your artwork in Clip Studio Paint.

Theme 3

Original animations with sound#AnimationwithSound

Teach us how to create animations in Clip Studio Paint with background music, sound effects, or vocals for an extra element of expressiveness!

Note: Audio animations cannot be uploaded directly to TIPS. Please upload the finished audio animation on YouTube and add the link in your TIPS article.

Post your tutorial on our theme of the month and share your art knowledge with Clip Studio Paint users all over the world! Each month, we’ll select the best tutorials for the month’s themes!


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