New Month: Crowned with safety and hospitality for family and friends, We welcome you to the month of December in the year 2018

It is the last month of the year.

Happy new month and welcome to the month of December.

This month we will be saying amazing possibilities with family and friends.

This month our theme will be “Say it with Family and Friends”.

The festive holiday is starting soon and the smell of baked edibles will fill the air.

Don’t forget to keep warm.

Anino has been taking pictures of planes in the air and as we expect our loved ones from far and near to join us during the festive \holiday season, we will share some of the aeroplane\ airplane pictures with you.

Also, we will be sharing some wordsearch puzzle.

We pray that this month is great for you.

Stay safe, take great care of yourself.

Have a lovely month.

Once again, Happy new month.


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