30 Days of Free Word Search Puzzle: Day 1 – Cumulus Cloud- Varieties, Species, Features, Accessories

Here is a free wordsearch puzzle on specie, varieties, size and accessories of the Cumulus Cloud.

This word search puzzle is available in PDF and Jpeg(picture format).

To download the wordsearch puzzle in PDF format, click on the link below.

To download the wordsearch puzzle in Jpeg format, right click on the picture > a menu pops> save image > save in a folder of your choice.

PDF: Cumulus cloud varieties species features, accessories word search puzzle

Words included in the wordsearch puzzle;

● Homogenitus
● Congestus
● Praecipitatio
● Fluctus
● Humilis
● Fractus
● Arcus
● Tuba

● Radiatus
● Virga
● Velum
● Mediocris
● Flammagenitus
● Cataractagenitus
● Pannus
● Pileus

Happy word searching!



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