Say it with Harvest and Thanksgiving: We are thankful for the Trees in all season

When we take a look at the trees, we see that there is something to be thankful for.

The colourful display of trees in Autumn\ Fall season and season change\ transformation of the trees  remind us that we all have our time on earth.

As the trees display different tonal colours in the colour they are designed to radiate, it reminds us that we can shine differently in our area of specialization.

I love looking at the trees and taking pictures during each season.

In Winter, we see the bare branches, trunk and bark of the trees as they try to survive the climatic condition.

In Spring, we see the trees budding their young leaves and also displaying their blossoms  in readiness for Summer\ Fruiting season.

In Summer, we see the trees in bold colours with fruits on some trees.

In Autumn, we see the leaves of the trees changing into tonal colours and shedding their glorious tonal leaves.

In winter, we see some bare trees hoping to spring forth in the Spring Season.

For the designer in any craft, the leaves of the trees do help us in colour coordination while the trees make good designs for products.

For the artist, the trees help in sketching various tree composition in the different season.

For the gardener, the trees beautify the environment.

The trees provide shade during the hot Summer days\ months.

The fruits of some trees are delicious.

The trees are great for look-out.

The trees are home to some animals.

The trees provide woods to build and many more.

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