Reminisce of a Crafter: No Storage

Season 1 Episode 1- No Storage

Reminisce of a crafter tells different tales of different crafters.

Here is a tale by a crafter called Cheryl

No one told me that crafting is addictive. You want to make this and that before you know it…… your house is flooded with crafting goods.

Little by little crafting products encroach my home. The only space left is my husband’s room.

Darling, can I keep something in your room for just two days? I asked my husband expecting a positive reply from him.

What is it? My husband asked not looking from his laptop.

Without waiting for me to say what it was, my husband continued;

Hmmmmm! No. This was what you said to the children before using the dining table. The same speech you said to me before using our room. You want this space too!

Not like that I said feeling a little guilty but still determined to have my way for my passion, my hobby.

You can ask me to remove it when you need the space. It’s just a shelf that contains well-arranged books and it will suit this room in colour and in decor; I said trying to convince him.

It seems that you do forget or you do not keep counts of what you do or say when it comes to your crafting hobby. This time you can’t have your way, he said still focusing on his laptop.

He shut the top of the laptop, stood and said, I just ordered gym equipment and it will be in this room with me. I heard the children discussing that you are flooding the house with crafts.

Ok. No problem, I said looking around the room and thinking of a nice strategy.

My club’s newsletter popped in my email and it was a competition for a storage unit.  I have dreamed of this unit, added it to my wish list and now that there is a competition, I can finally enter and perhaps luck will be on my side.

Calling myself to order, I said you can’t enter because if you win there is no space to put the storage unit. Let others that truly need it enter and win. For you, it will be just greed. You can try and declutter, not to add more.

“Declutter” that word has been in my mouth and goals for months but I don’t seem to practise it. This is a tale for another day.

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