New Product: Is this Brother ScanNcut still the figment of imagination by crafters and rumour started by crafters are questions being asked to Mel Heaton (Craft demonstrator) as they(crafters) don’t want to buy an imaginary thing like the tale of the Emperor’s new clothes since Brother is launching the new ScanNcut DX on Create and Craft TV at 12 noon GMT 30th November 2018

The new Brother Scan N Cut that Mel Heaton said it is a rumour started by crafters and the figment of imagination of Crafters will be launching at 12noon GMT 30th of November 2018 on Create and Craft TV .

Here is the video below of Jenny(Craft TV presenter) repeating what Mel Heaton said on Create and Craft TV as she was demonstrating and selling the CM900 ScanNcut while Brother was launching the new ScanNcut DX on HSN TV in the USA.

According to Create and Craft TV schedule for 3oth of November 2018, the Brother ScanNcut DX1200 is launching at 12noon GMT.



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