Home Cooking: Beef and Green beans Delish

Happy Saturday to you!

Let’s do some cooking.



Green beans

Beef- steak

Spinach- optional

Scotch Bonnet x 1

Tomatoes- plum

Sweet Pepper


Seasoning cubes


Sunflower oil

Curry powder- medium



Step 1: Wash and boil the steak, add some seasoning. When it is ready remove from the stock.

Step 2: Wash and put the spinach in a pot to boil. Do not add water, it will emit its water from its leaves. You can shred the spinach if you desire.



Step 3: Wash and dice the green beans. Don’t forget to cut the tail and head (ends) off.



Step 4: Wash and dice the tomatoes.



Step 5: Wash and shred the sweet peppers.



Step 6: Put the scotch bonnet in a blender and grind.



Step 7: Put a cooking spoonful of Sunflower Oil in a pan and then add the cooked steak. To prevent burning, turn the steak occasionally.


Step 8: Add the diced green beans to the steak and stir. Leave for three minutes to cook.


Step 9: Add the shredded sweet peppers, scotch bonnet and the diced tomatoes.


Step 10: Add the cooked spinach.


Step 11: Add the seasoning cubes(maggi), curry and salt. You can add a dessert spoon of beef stock if you desire.



Step 12:  Serve your food.  In the picture below, I served it with boiled rice.


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