Fraud Alert! Caller claiming to be from HMRC and Police Arrest

Fraud Alert!

A number (0345 300 3900) registered to the HMRC called me, it said that my name has been transfered to the Police and that I am under arrest. It instructed me to press 1 on the telephone keypad.

I don’t have a problem with them so why am I being called?

I suspected fraud immediately.

Checking the number online, it is registered to the HMRC.

If I am under arrest, then let the police come, hope they send a crafting police ‘cos I have lots of unfinished projects and my craft room needs cleaning.

People have been receiving these calls, they contacted the HMRC.

HMRC said that the call is not from them.

It seems that the HMRC’s line has been cloned.

If the HMRC have a problem with you they should contact you by writing.

Don’t be quick to follow any instruction given on the phone or written.

Please, stay safe and be careful.



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