Craft Company: Advertising to showcase a small starter range of its Cosmeti-Craft Soap Crafting Kits during its show at 4pm GMT 2nd of November 2018, The Soap Loaf Company fuses with Hochanda TV

Soap loaf company joins Hochanda TV. It craft show is at 4pm GMT, 2nd of November 2018.

Read the press release below.

Show Times: 2nd November at 4pm
Guest: Natasha Green

Launched in 2011, The Soap Loaf Company began its life at craft fairs and market stalls, selling soap to the masses. The business grew quickly as owner and founder, Natasha, began running workshops and moving to a larger premises.

During her launch show, Natasha will showcase a small starter range of her fantastic Cosmeti-Craft Soap Crafting Kits consisting of Play Dough Soap, Rose Soap, Christmas Star Soap and Soap Loaf.

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