After years of Extinction and at the price of £399.99, It seems that the Tattered Lace Crossover die-cutting and embossing machine is re-launching and making a comeback as The Linen and Lace Crossover Machine

Is Tattered Lace re-branding its Crossover machine as the Linen and Lace Crossover Machine?

Read the description and see the screenshot.

The Linen and Lace Crossover Machine will work with the majority of dies manufactured in both the paper and fabric industries – take your crafting to the next level with this reliable, portable, and exceptionally efficient crafting tool!

The Crossover features innovative pressure adjustment, negating the need to use shims and multiple layers of plastic to achieve good results. Use this machine with Tattered Lace Linen and Lace dies to create multiple precision-cut layers in paper, card or fabric, giving your projects a professional finish.

The unique, patented, adjustable roller system accepts thin etched dies to thicker plastic-backed, old style steel rule dies, while the narrower extended platform accessory allows complicated dies to be passed through at different angles for excellent cutting capability.

Please see the features tab for even more information on the brilliant capabilities of this machine!


  • 1 x Linen and Lace Crossover Machine – includes:
    • 3 x Adaptor Plate Accessories
    • 1 x Instructions



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