Three Months Craft Challenge: Machine Knitted Peplum Top or Jumper for a Lady using the Silver Reed SK280 Knitting Machine, Designaknit Software(DAK8) and Robin Double Knit Yarn by Thomas B. Ramsden

The project that I (Anino Ogunjobi) am using to conclude this week’s craft challenge is a Jumper with Peplum for a Lady.

I designed the jumper using DesignAKnit8 (DAK8) charting software. Using the base width(waist measurement) for the jumper, I then did the peplum.

I had to knit the peplum first. I wanted to continue the jumper from the peplum (like how I do knit gather gowns- watch videos on Anino TV Youtube) but decided not to (that is why each piece has been knitted separately).


Material needed

Silver Reed SK280 Knitting Machine

Yarn- Double Knit 100% Acrylic Yarn Robin brand by Thomas B. Ramsden- (colour 033- Madonna){ You can use any of your choice}

Charting Software- DesignAKnit 8 (DAK8)

Sewing Machine

Cast on comb

Crochet hook to darn the loose yarns.

Sewing thread


Step 1: Using short-row technique, I knitted the peplum . Later on, I added more rows by knitting without the short-row technique(this is for the drape on the peplum). *You can do the short row technique if you desire a curly drape on the peplum.



Step 2: I knitted the jumper separately.


Step 3: I knitted Icord to edge the peplum. You can watch our videos on Anino TV YouTube on how to knit an Icord.


Step 4: Below is the picture of the three pieces- jumper, peplum and Icord before they were joined together. Using a sewing machine, sew the Icord to the rolling edge of the peplum. Sew the peplum to the jumper. You can join the sides of the peplum if you do not want the draping opening.


Step 5: Here are pictures of me modelling the peplum top. I twisted the other end of the peplum to form a rose.



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