Three Months Craft Challenge: Foiled Sentiment Topper Card

For this week’s craft challenge, I (Anino Ogunjobi) am making a quick card using foiled sentiments, patterned paper pad and square craft dies.

I designed the sentiment to fit the size of the die, added a little bleed so as not to have white border around the square and then foiled it.


Material needed

Die-cutting / embossing machine with its cutting mats

Laser print Sentiments- Just for you( or any of your choosing)

Liquid glue- UHU

Ribbon 3mm width

Pair of Scissors

Square cutting dies- Tattered lace large and Essential

Coloured cardstock

8 inches card blanks- Cream or Ivory

Laminator- hot setting

Printable paper pad- The Paper Boutique Vintage Rose Garden

Foil- Gold

Copier paper to use during foiling



Step 1:  Place the laser printed sentiment on a copier paper, place the gold foil on it( shinning side facing up) and then place a copier paper over the foil.  Foil the sentiment in the laminator using a hot setting.



Step 2: Using a square die( I used Tattered Lace Essential square number 10{ dimension\ size 8.2cm }) cut out the foiled sentiment.


Step 3: Using the next grading size of the square dies, cut out squares from the coloured cards. Glue the square shapes to form the topper.


Step 4: Glue a patterned paper to the insert of the card (You can add a white card on top for verse if you desire but I intend the left hand side(blank) for a hand written verse). Cut out a square from a patterned paper and then glue to the front of the card. Tie a ribbon( I glued the ribbon to the front of the card to prevent it from moving) Knot the ribbon into a bow.


Step 5: Glue the sentiment topper to the front of the card.





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