New Month: Falling into Autumn with Enchanting Colours We welcome you to the month of October in 2018

Happy New Month!

It is October the 10th month of the year.

Wow! This year is running! Can we ask who is chasing the year 2018?

We are officially in the Fall \Autumn Season in the UK.

The leaves of the trees are already falling while some are changing into beautiful colours.

The Golden Season is here(Autumn\ Fall)!

This month we will be saying amazing possibilities with colours.

Therefore our theme for the month of October in 2018 is “say it with colours”.

We have planted some lovely Tulips Bulbs to prepare for Spring Bulb’s blooms(we hope that they bloom beautifully when it is time).

There is a weather prediction of 4 months of snow  and we hope that you are preparing for it.

We pray that this month is favourable and great to you.

Have a blessed and fulfilled month.

Most of all be in great health and wealth.

Stay safe and happy new month to you!


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