It’s getting heated on Tattered Lace Facebook page with the announcement of the “Strictly” crafting products as Customer ask if the BBC will be happy that a product named “Strictly” is in “close comparison” to the BBC Strictly Come Dancing program

Tattered Lace® posted a poster of a dancing couple  adjacent to a ballroom lighting as it announces that a new product called “STRICTLY” is launching. Customers have trooped to the page to ask questions if the BBC will be happy that a product called STRICTLY is using its(BBC) trademark to sell.

From the screenshots 

Tattered Lace:  Hi all! We just want to clarify that this collection is not licensed artwork and has been drawn by the Tattered Lace in house design team. There are plenty of sneak peeks to come to be sure to stay tuned .

One customer stated:  Why call it Strictly and use a close comparission to the BBC logo and glitter ball if no association with the BBC, misleading the public into buying, tad nawty IMHO. yes glitter balls are used all over the world in ballroom so you could of easily named it the Ballroom collection but seriously to name it “Strictly” you know what you are doing!


Another customer replied: Unless there is some sort of licensing in place then this could be “Strictly” in breach of BBC licenced Trademarks! They’ve already gone after a small dance school for using “Strictly” as part of their name.

A third customer chipped in: Tattered Lace surely wouldn’t copy someone else’s work,…… I mean use a trademark without permission ….would they? 🤔

Customer : Is there a Brucie die? Or a Claudia die? Is this available through the BBC website?

Customer: Can I sell my makes or will it be under license from the BBC?

Customer: Great question! With it being a collaboration with the BBC we might be able to sell the makes! Wouldn’t that be awesome. Can’t wait!

Customer: That’s what I am hoping be able to sell them. Hopefully the Beeb will be generous with their Angel policy. Looking forward to the launch.

Customer: Wow , ohhh the possibilities that could arise from such a collaboration…Imagine the BBC being in favour of dies and crafting ! whoever next eh..the Queen!. Is there anyone that TL wont target oops sorry be in discussion with?

Customer: That’s as maybe but I’m pretty sure that, unless there is some sort of licence arrangement in place, the BBC won’t be happy with them using their “Strictly” trademarks to sell them.

Until then, let’s keep crafting and we will update you.


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