Design submission: “We’re looking for fresh and inspiring designs for our spring 2019 issues” Kate Heppell says as Knit Now makes its Spring 2019 Call for Submissions stating 9am UK time Monday 29th October 2018 as the deadline

Knit Now announces its Spring 2019 Call for Submissions and the deadline is, 9am UK time on the 29th October 2018.
Read the press release below.
Knit Now: Spring 2019 Call for Submissions

Our latest call for submissions is now available to download here.

We’re looking for fresh and inspiring designs for our spring 2019 issues. This includes our annual celebration of British-made yarns. This year, submissions to this issue are open to ALL designers, no matter your nationality or where you live, as we do not want to contribute to a rising culture of exclusion. If you are a designer who loves yarn which is made in the British Isles, we’d love to hear from you.

Deadline: Please send in your submission to me at by 9am UK time on Monday 29th October.

I can’t wait to see your ideas!
Kate x
p.s. In some browsers, the direct links to the pinterest boards don’t work. If you’re having trouble, you can copy and paste the links from the PDF or if that doesn’t work, you can find them all here.
This call is for the April, May & June 2019 issues of Knit Now. I’m looking for a wide range of
stylish and wearable knits for the spring season. Knit Now caters to a range of ages and
ability levels so beginner, intermediate and advanced patterns are equally welcome – the
beauty of the design is what is most important.
The Collections
Town & Country: Best of British
It’s time for our annual celebration of British yarn! This year we’re inviting you to take
inspiration from your favourite places in the British Isles to create stylish, cosy knits. This
issue is open to designers all over the world who want to celebrate something they love
about the British Isles.
Joyful Knits
Celebrate the joy of knitting with bright, happy colours and pleasing textures. Focus on the
process; we want to fill this issue with satisfying patterns our readers will enjoy knitting.
Botanical Gardens
Welcome in the spring with a trip to the botanical gardens. We’d love to see a range of designs
inspired by botanical motifs, as well as simpler patterns which can be paired with botanical prints.
What I’m looking for…
Each issue will include;
• 5 or 6 accessories. Quick knits and one-ball makes such as hats, scarves, mitts,
bags etc. Each issue includes at least 1 shawl & 1 pair of socks.
• 2 or 3 garments. Generally pitched at an intermediate skill level, we tend to print
patterns which are primarily wearable and stylish. All garments must be sized up to
at least a 5X.
• 1 or 2 babies’ and children’s knits and 1 or 2 toys. We have a preference for
contemporary, gender-neutral designs but we’re open to more traditional patterns
• 1 or 2 Home knits. Beautiful, useful, sometimes unexpected things. Cushions, gadget
cases and tea cosies are welcome but we draw the line at egg cosies!
In each issue, about half of the patterns should respond directly to that issue’s theme; the
remainder can simply be beautiful, inspiring, seasonally-appropriate knits.
Submission requirements
Your submission should include a sketch and accompanying paragraph describing the item,
a photograph or scan of your swatch and ideas for yarn choices. The submission should be
presented in a PDF document, with your name and email address on every page. All
information should be included in the submission document, including pictures. Please also
tell us where we can find other examples of your work – a link to your Ravelry designer
profile is ideal. You will be commissioned to write a full pattern (including any alternative
sizes) and knit a sample. We will take care of photography.
IMPORTANT: Please create a separate PDF for each idea and name the file in the following
format: YourName _PatternName_KNspring19.pdf
The deadline for submissions will be 9am UK time on Monday 29th October. I am aiming to
get all commissions sent out within a week or so of that date. Deadlines for final patterns
and samples will be Monday 7th January.
Send to/contact
Please send your submissions to me by email:
We have recently reviewed our fee structure and can give the following examples of fees;
Hat in 3 sizes: £70-£100
Baby garment in 5 sizes: £120-£150
Adult garment in 9 sizes: £300-£400
The exact fee will depend on a number of factors including the complexity of the design.
4 months after publication, rights will revert to you and you will then be able to use the final
tech-edited version of the pattern (including charts/schematics) as you wish. We arrange
yarn support for all designers. Your sample remains your property, but we will hold onto it for
a while in case we get pattern queries, or for display at shows. We will return your sample to
you at the same time as your publication rights.
About Knit Now
Knit Now is a monthly newsstand title, widely available in supermarkets, newsagents and
craft stores across the UK as well as select retailers worldwide. We also publish digitally. For
an idea of our style, you can find all of our patterns listed on Ravelry here;
Hints and tips for submissions:
I wrote a blog post a while back with submission tips
Warning – this is an old post and the themes and deadlines mentioned are for
that call, not this one! I have also talked about this a bit on my vlog – Kitty Knits. You may in
particular find this episode useful:
Swatches and sketches – There is no need to submit a photo of a finished item, but your
submission will need nice swatches, in a representative yarn, photographed in bright
conditions. If you’re having trouble getting the photo to focus, either switch to the macro
setting on your camera (the one with the little flower) or consider scanning your swatch
rather than photographing it.
Formatting – Of course our main focus is on the quality of the idea, but it’s much easier for
me to see that when the submission is cleanly formatted. Remember, the submission must
be a PDF document sent as a single attachment, not an email with photos attached.
Yarn choice – Be flexible with your choices. I will be wanting to use the new season’s yarns,
some of which won’t be publicly available yet. Talk about the qualities your project requires,
don’t just say what you used. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate that you know
what you’re talking about!
Return of samples – We’re happy to return samples to you. Any unwanted samples are
donated to Knit for Peace.
International Designers – You are very welcome to submit, but remember that Knit Now is
a UK magazine so we’ll be using British terminology and you will need to use yarns which
are available in the UK (which we will arrange to be sent to you).
Photography – We will be taking care of all the photography for patterns, but the rights to
photos will remain with us, so if you don’t want your sample back, consider taking photos
before you send it in.
Crochet/sewing/other non-knitting elements – We’re open to any and all good quality
patterns, and if it needs a little crochet, sewing or embroidery, that won’t rule it out. If it’s
100% crochet, contact the editor of our sister mag Crochet Now, Jenny on
Tech editing – We do have tech editors, but they will only be polishing your patterns – they
won’t be doing any grading for you.
Multiple submissions – There’s no limit on the number of ideas you can submit. If you
receive multiple commissions, we will work with you to spread out your deadlines.
Previously published patterns – As a general rule, I am not looking for patterns which
have previously been published at all. If you’ve posted a couple of project pics online, that’s
fine – but the patterns should come as a nice surprise for our readers when we publish
them. Your commission is confidential until a week before the on-sale date of the magazine.
Future calls – If you want to add yourself to the mailing list for future calls, just fill in your
details at
Testing – We’re happy for you to arrange to have your pattern tested, but we are working on
a tight schedule, so this is by no means mandatory.
Digital Issues – The magazine is available digitally, and digital editions are available
through the Apple Newsstand and the Pocketmags app.

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