Book Reading: Digital Painting for the Complete Beginner: Master the Tools and Techniques of this Exciting Art by Carlyn Beccia

The book that I am reading this week is titled “Digital Painting for the Complete Beginner: Master the Tools and Techniques of this Exciting Art” by Carlyn Beccia.


About the book

Digital Painting for the Complete Beginner guides the fledgling artist through the essentials of this ever-developing art form, combining the traditions of natural media with the exciting opportunities of digital painting programs.

Both inspiring and practical, the book teaches the techniques and tools of digital painting to give beginner artists the freedom to create digital art in any way they choose.

Writing specifically for readers with little or no experience of digital painting, Carlyn Beccia covers the fundamental elements of digital painting including understanding brushes, canvases and the media available with opportunities to practice and experiment.

Once you have got a taste for the tools, supports and media available, follow the specially made tutorials to create a diverse range of art, including drawings, sketches in pastel and watercolour, more complex paintings in oil, and mixed media pieces.

Whatever your interests in art and digital media, Digital Painting for the Complete Beginner will set you on the path to making your own expressive and unique digital works.

A practical and informative guide to digital painting with Photoshop and Painter Includes comprehensive illustrated tutorials and walkthroughs Covers a wide range of techniques and painting styles that simulate natural media The author Carlyn Beccia has won multiple awards for her childrens picture books and illustrations. Her tutorials are published in Painter magazine.



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