Three Months Craft Challenge: Quilted Ironing Board Cover Made from Towels

More on the three months craft challenge.

Today, my project is making ironing board cover from guest-size towels using the Accuquilt’s Flying Geese (Triangle dies).

The ironing board cover that came with my ironing board got burnt due to the setting on the electric iron that I was using.

This ironing board cover that we made from towels is thick because of the density\ thickness of the towel.

Material Needed

Accuquilt® Go Big fabric cutter

Sewing machine

Tape measure


Accuquilt Strip die

Accuquilt Flying Geese(Triangle) die

Towels -Guest size

Ironing Board

Sewing thread

Sewing pattern(optional)- I didn’t use it.




Step 1:  Using the Accuquilt triangle die, cut the triangles from the towels.



Step 2: Sew one triangle to the other.



Step 3: Continue sewing the triangle to form the desired patchwork chart. Try it over the ironing board and make sure it covers the ironing board properly. Sew the backing fabric to cover the stitches at the back- this prevents the rough work of the towel stitches from fraying.



Step 4: Cut the strips for the binding.



Step 5: Bind the edges of the ironing board cover. Insert the elastic into the binding.


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