Three Months Craft Challenge: Aqua Gemstone and Fish Hook Earring Wire Necklace with Matching Earrings

Searching through my craft goodies for what to make, I discovered that I have alot of  Fish Hook Earring Wires. I decided to use them in this week’s craft challenge.

For this week’s challenge, we are starting off with a necklace and earrings made with gemstones and ear wire.


Material needed

Earring wire- Fish Hook Ear- wire( or Eye-pin)

Round- Nose Pliers

Bead- Gemstones Aqua (or colour of your choice)

Tool- Cutter

Necklace Clasp- Spring ring or any of choice.




Step 1: Using the round-nose pliers, straighten the curve of the earring wire to remove the gold ball and the curled wire.


Step 2: Straighten the earring wire to form like an eye pin and then insert the gold ball and three beads into the wire.


Step 3: Cut off some part of the wire and curl the tip to form a hook. Make more following the steps above.


Step 4: Connect each section to form the necklace and then close the hook.


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