Three Months Craft Challenge: Mini Christmas Card Using Foils, Craft Dies and CD Rom Images

I am foiling a laser printed black image of  holly, berry and sentiment using a laminator and also making a circle shape topper from printed images on a Cd-Rom for a greeting card.

Material Needed


Hot foil

Copier paper

Create and Craft triple Treasures Christmas CD Rom – Toppers

Laser printer

White Cardstock

Circle dies- Tattered Lace

Graphics Software- Inkscape

Digital Images- Holly and Berry (I designed it in Inkscape)

Liquid glue- UHU

Coloured Cardstock



Step 1: Design the Merry Christmas sentiment, Holly and Berry image in a graphic software of your choice.

Print the design on a white cardstock in black ink using a laser printer.

Put the foil on the card(shining side up) and then sandwich the card with foil between two copier paper, feed through the laminator using hot setting of 125 microns or more.


Step 2: Resize the images in the Cd-Rom. Alternatively, import the images to the graphic software and crop to size using a circle tool( I used clipping technique).

Resize images should be a bit larger than the circle die that will be used in cutting it out. This technique eliminates unwanted white edges when the image is being cut with the dies.

Using the smaller circle dies, cut out the printed festive images. Using the larger circle dies, cut out coloured cards. glue the cut-out festive circle images to the circle coloured cards.


Step 3: Glue the circle topper to the front of the greeting card.

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