Home- Cooking: Beef Kebabs\ Suya Without Groundnut\Peanut in the Spice

Enjoy BBQ/ Grilled Beef.


Raw Beef\ steak- Thinly cut

Grounded Garlic

Grounded Ginger

Seasoning Cube- Maggi

Grounded Chilli


Sunflower oil

Materials needed

Barbecue kit



Pastry brush

Mixing bowl

Oven\ BBQ stand

Gloves to protect your fingers



Step 1: Put the seasoning in the mixing bowl and stir together to prepare a marinade. Put the cut steak in the mixing bowl and mix with the seasoning. Leave it to marinate for 3 hours or overnight.

Step 2: Put the seasoned beef through the skewer.

Step 3: Brush the skewered beef with the sunflower oil.

Step 4: If using an Oven, put a tray in the oven to catch the dropping fat( this prevents your oven from being dirty and smoking) Put in the oven and use the grill setting with temperature at 170.


Step 5: Serve with freshly sliced\ diced tomatoes.

  • If it is too spicy, enjoy with an icecream.






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