Gardening: Garden Bargains showcase six Fuchsia flowers at half price

Garden Bargains are offering six Fuchsia flowers at half price.

Read the press release below.

Six Of The Very Best Fuchsias Now Half Price

With their regal elegance and astonishing beauty, fuchsias are at the top of all gardeners’ wish-lists! With this completely hardy collection – selected for its wide colour range and proven performance – you can enjoy them for many years with no fuss whatsoever! The lush foliage explodes with pink, purple, red, white and even blue flowers from June every year.

TOM WEST: A real eye-catcher! Pink and purple flowers contrast against the green & cream variegated foliage.

HAWKSHEAD: One of the hardiest fuchsias. Green tripped white flowers will appear in summer and last through to autumn.

GENII: A very bushy fuchsia producing thin pink & purple flowers. Foliage normally has a hint of yellow.

MRS POPPLEA: great performer. Plant in a shady border and get deep purple flowers from June to October.

GARDEN NEWS: An award winning fuchsia producing masses of magenta flowers throughout the summer. Very easy to grow!

DELTA’S SARAH: An unusual variety, large purple and white flowers contrast the deep green foliage. Will do well in borders or patio pots.

Fuchsia ‘Sunray’: A designer’s delight, Fuchsia ‘Sunray’ is an all-in-one fuchsia with glorious, cream-variegated foliage, flushed pink at the margin, followed by purple-centred, bright pink flowers.


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