30 Skirts Project- Skirt 1: Machine Knitted Pink Monochrome Stripe Gathered Skirt

Hurray! We have started our “30 Skirts Project”. Our first skirt is a machine knitted pink monochrome stripe gathered skirt.

You can watch the video on how to machine knit this gathered skirt on Anino TV Youtube. You can hand knit or crochet this skirt if you desire.

Although, in the video on Youtube, we used patterned yarn(paintbox by Thomas B. Ramsden) while this skirt in the picture is in stripe pattern, the technique is still the same. We only changed the yarn colour after every 20 rows.

Material needed

Knitting machine- Silver Reed LK150 or any Flat bed knitting machine

100gm of Double Knit(DK) yarn- Fondant Pink(52), Burgundy(32), Fiesta pink\ hot pink(64)- We use Robin brand by Thomas B. Ramsden.

Elastic- 20mm or 25mm width

Sewing machine

Sewing thread



Picture 1: ?The pictures below show the knitted skirt before sewing the sides together.


Picture 2: The knitted skirt after the elastic has been inserted and its casing sewn in place.


Picture 3: Modelling the Pink monochrome stripe knitted skirt with an Irish Rose hair accessory.


Here is the link to the video on Youtube.


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